Honoring a Leader in the Disability Community

by Rebecca Heidorn

Bernard Mwamyue Infograph

Last month, Kupenda’s Kenyan staff mourned the loss of Bernard Mwamuye, a passionate teacher and prominent disability advocate in Kilifi County, Kenya. Bernard was an officer at the Education Assessment and Research Center (EARC), which helps identify the nature and severity of children’s disabilities in order to best meet their educational needs.

Bernard also collaborated with Leonard Mbonani, Kupenda’s Co-Founder and Kenya Executive Director, when they were among the first EARC officers in Kilifi. Together, they opened the first special schools and units in the county. These schools included Sir Ali Special School, Gede Special School, Kilifi Special School, and Kibarani Integrated Programme for the Visually Impaired. Bernard will also be remembered for opening the Sahajanad Special School together with Dorothy Randu and Witness Tsuma.

Following his retirement in 2007, Bernard continued to serve his community by supporting a number of different projects and organizations. He was described by his loved ones as highly energetic and social. They shared that,

“He has lived very well in and with the community around him and had a very good relationship with all.”

Kupenda extends deepest sympathies to Bernard’s family and friends during this time. We join the disability community in mourning the loss of such an influential and impassioned educator, leader, and advocate.


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