Kupenda’s Response to Food Needs during Covid-19

by Kupenda

Young girl smiling next to packages received from Kupenda's food relief program

Farida is a beautiful 15-year-old girl.  She looks much younger because of her short stature. Her family didn’t think she could go to school because of her cerebral palsy and frequent seizures. Through Kupenda’s guidance, Farida’s family enrolled her in a day school that could meet her needs. She thrived at the school until March when Covid-19 required schools to shut down.

Before the pandemic, Farida’s father earned what he could tapping palm trees to make wine. But with curfews in place and the economy suffering, he was unable to support his 8 children through his small business.  He tried to find small jobs working on other people’s farms but earned so little that the family often only had one meal in a day.

When Kupenda discovered their situation, they were included in our food distribution efforts. The whole family now has 3 meals a day and is able to work on their own farm instead of earning meager wages from others. They expect a good harvest which will feed the family for several months. Your support of our Covid 19 feeding program is feeding families now and equipping them to feed themselves in the future.

Not only is Farida getting the nutrition she needs, Kupenda is ensuring she has her anti-seizure medication. Therefore, she hasn’t had any seizures since March. She has also been helping her community by sharing the information she has received from Kupenda about best practices to avoid Covid-19 like reminding everyone at home to wash their hands with running water.

The whole family marvels that if it were not for Kupenda, life could have been extremely difficult and unbearable. Farida’s father said “Kupenda came at a time of great need to save lives. Long live Kuhenza!”

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