Medical Professionals- Final

Medical Professionals

Kupenda employs medical professionals, such as nurses and occupational therapists, to care for children with disabilities at their homes and schools. In addition to assessing and treating the children, many of these professionals provide parents and teachers with training on basic care skills to improve the frequency and quality of care these children receive. These…

Equipment and Supplies

Through government advocacy and community-based partnerships, Kupenda helps secure medical equipment and supplies for children with disabilities. This may include: medical supplies (such as gauze, anti-bacterial medication, gloves) medicine (such as epileptic medicine, specialized multivitamins, de-worming tablets) medical equipment (such as wheelchairs, occupational therapy equipment, crutches, braces and pressure mattresses to prevent bed sores) We also arrange for…


Facility Construction

Many children with disabilities lack adequate care because their schools and communities do not have space where they can receive intensive medical and therapy services. In response, Kupenda partners with local governments and organizations to renovate or construct facilities that contribute to the health of children with disabilities, such as occupational therapy rooms and sanitation…

Child with cast

Care & Treatment

When a child with a disability needs medical attention, they are often brought to Kupenda’s office or resource center where our staff makes arrangements for them to access treatment. This includes facilitation of doctors’ visits, medical assessments, surgeries, medicine, and follow-up visits. Kupenda also supports families facing financial barriers to care by working with health…

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