Helping Children in Need Access Education After COVID-19

by Kupenda

A young Kenyan child seated on a wooden chair, receiving help to stay sitting up.

This month, our students with disabilities are returning to their classrooms after nine months away from school. COVID-19 has impacted the income of many of our families. This means even parents who could once afford the fees needed to enroll their children in the specialized education, are now unable. Through our food relief, medical support, and counseling sessions in the region, we have also discovered more children in need of specialized education.

In honor of International Day of Education (January 24), would you consider sponsoring a child with a disability in Kenya? For less than $1 a day, you can help children like Kazungu, who has never walked, had a wheelchair, or been to school.

For just $30/month your sponsored child will receive:

  • Medical checkups, which often save lives
  • Nutritious food
  • Care in a loving, safe environment
  • Occupational or physical therapy (as needed)
  • Special education and materials
  • Needed vaccinations and medication

Also, now through April 1, all new sponsorships will be doubled thanks to a generous matching grant from the Westwood Trustees!

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If you’re interested in supporting one of the many children they serve, head over to their sponsorship page to learn about how you can make a difference for just $30 / month.

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