New Kupenda Storybook Helps Children Understand Disability Equity and Kenyan Culture

by Lucie Rutherford

The stories of three children in our new storybook, No Longer Left Behind, demonstrate how Kupenda bridges education equity gaps for children with disabilities around the world.

Plot: Only One of Three Friends Can Attend School

Storybook illustration of a child in a wheelchairSet in rural Kenya, children walk eight miles to and from school every day. For Rehema, a non-disabled child, this poses no issue. But for her brother, Baraka, and her friend, Amina, access to education is not so easy.

Baraka is hearing-impaired, and the local school has no sign language-trained instructors to teach him. Amina has cerebral palsy, and cannot make the long walk every day, nor navigate the school steps.

Instead of spending each day playing with their peers and learning, Baraka and Amina stay home and help with chores. On top of their everyday challenges, the children and their families face stigma from the community, which perpetuates each child’s lack of inclusion.

Kupenda’s Support Opens DoorsStorybook illustration of a child and mother

Fortunately, a Kupenda-facilitated local leader disability training, and an American sponsor help Baraka access specialized education. Similarly, health and family counseling from Kupenda’s field staff enable Amina to attend school and understand the cause of her condition. Access to education not only builds their social interactions but also increases inclusion and empowers their independence.

Storybook Purchases Can Support More Children in Need!

Baraka and Amina are just two of more than 60,000 children with disabilities who Kupenda supports each year. 

To help a child in your life learn about disability equity and Kenyan culture, purchsase your copy of No Longer Left Behind today!

All book proceeds will enable Kupenda to reach more children in need through our advocacy, education and medical care programs!

Storybook illustration of a mother and child


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