This Weekend, Meet our Fathers in Kenya and Honor Yours!

by Kupenda

Child and father

This weekend, you can celebrate Father’s Day by learning about our dads in Kenya and honoring the special men in your life with a meaningful gift!

Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday, June 19th. In Kenya, many of the fathers in our programs help raise children, teach them values and life skills, and provide them with a strong support system. Kupenda helps to support these fathers through our family counseling, parent support groups and parent training activities.

Here’s some feedback from the Kenyan fathers of children with disabilities in our programs:

Father has son on lap in chair.


“My self-esteem went low at some point but my pastor’s motivation lifted up my spirit. I am now more confident. I can come out clearly and proudly and talk about my daughter’s disabilities.”

“My self-esteemed is increased. I have confidence seeing my daughter is doing well.”


•  “Before [my child] joined Marafa Special [School], it was very difficult for him to communicate. Nowadays, we’re communicating in a good way. My child has been treated with kindness because I accepted him as my child, and the rest of the community followed my footsteps.”

•  “[The community now] acts normal towards her. There was a time they abandoned her, but now I can see they have no problem associating with her. She is always positive. …It gives me happiness.” 

Two men are smiling next to each other.

A Kenyan father and his son

We’re so grateful to know these supportive fathers and see how they have grown to love and advocate for their children over the years. 

To support our family programs and celebrate the fathers and father figures in your life, please consider making a Father’s Day tribute gift to Kupenda. When you make this gift, we will send a personalized message to your loved one letting them know of the generous donation you have made in their name. 


Donate here to improve the lives of Kenyan fathers and their children with disabilities!

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