Meet Furaha and Learn How to Double Your Impact!

by Kupenda

Furaha is a young girl who has cerebral palsy which has resulted in her being unable to walk. She is one of six children being raised by a single mother. Because of her mobility impairment, it was necessary for Furaha to attend a school that has boarding facilities. Her sponsors made it possible for her to attend Gede Special Primary School where she is now in 5th grade. She is doing so well academically that she assists other students that are struggling with math and science. At Gede Special school she has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and she is meeting all her goals.

Furaha is friendly, kind, and helpful to others. She has many friends at Gede Special School who wheel her around during breaks. She enjoys watching television, reading, and talking with her friends. She is a member of the school’s wildlife club and competes in wheelchair races.

Along with cerebral palsy, Furaha also has brittle bone disease. Kupenda staff members have counseled the family about how to handle Furaha to keep her from having broken bones. Kupenda has also been providing the family with hand soap and food during the coronavirus pandemic.

To support other children like Furaha with life-saving medical support, counseling, education and food support, please consider sponsoring a child or making a donation to support our Coronavirus Response Efforts. 

Now through April 2021, new and increased donations will be matched through a generous grant from the Westwood Trustee. 

Double your impact today!

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