Jon Andrews Runs 4 Kupenda

by Kupenda

Jon Andrews Runs 4 Kupenda

I started my journey with Kupenda and a relationship with Safari Andau Mkare, a young boy [in Kupenda’s sponsorship program], over two decades ago. At the time, an $90 annual donation could completely cover school fees for [children like Safari for] an entire year.

Over the years, the school has grown from 15 students in 1999 to thousands that now span numerous local communities! Please help me to support Kupenda’s work to help these children with disabilities access food, medicine, counseling, therapy and care.

This was one of Safari’s first letters back to my family. It was exciting to receive communication that showed his growth, interests and love for learning. We would also send letters about the things we liked to do and how our area of the world was different than his.

It was evident that Safari had many abilities beyond those that he might have struggled with. An artistic talent was something that came through in his drawings and handwriting. Taking time to share his abilities was always appreciated and a joy to my family and me.

I loved this pic because of his smile and that he seemed so happy to wear the jersey, which was mine in the early ’90s and my son’s visor.

Watching Safari grow up was like having another child live who lived abroad. While our communication was infrequent, sometimes only once a year, it always seemed like the bond was as strong as ever. Here you can see him with a monogrammed bible we sent that he was able to use for school.

Safari was the first Kupenda sponsored child to complete vocational school and was a trailblazer for the support process beyond school sponsorship.

From countless volunteer hours, through your donations and by the grace of God, this charity continues to changes lives. Please visit if you would like to learn more detail about its history or how you could help. In the meantime, you are able to donate [here].

Show your support for Kupenda AND motivate me to hit this crazy sub 3-hour marathon goal! Thank you for taking the time to learn about my fundraising efforts.

With love,


I have set some lofty training goals which focus around running a sub-3hr Chicago Marathon this fall. I also have a target of raising $5,000 for this amazing charity! Please join me as I #Run4Kupenda.

Thanks for helping me raise money for an amazing cause!


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Learn more about how to support children like Safari for just $30 per month on our Child Sponsorship page.


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